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Prayer Column - November 2021

November 21 and COP 26

We’ve had a long build up to this climate change conference in Glasgow: multiple urgings for CO2 containment and reduction; political questions about who should make the most change and by when, and whether we’re ready for the implied lifestyle changes; and threats to agreement posed by the looming energy price crisis.  Even our own Circuit has been asking all preachers to address the topic on the first Sunday of each month.  For what then should we be praying?

  • In the face of political wrangling, we might pray for harmony and mutual acceptance and respect.
  • In the face of rising energy prices we might pray for compassion for the less well off.
  • We might also ask that research may be blessed and fruitful, with results presented and discussed with transparent integrity.
  • But in view of the (truly vast) world climate unknowns, we would do well to ask for guidance from God, who alone does know all – the future as well as the present.
  • There is every reason to pray for the future of the planet, not just because it affects our wellbeing, but: 

    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Ps 24:1).

  • Moreover, he so loved the world that he sent Jesus to save it, and that is what he is doing.  So we add our mite to his saving work by praying that we follow Jesus faithfully as Lord, doing what he says in ways he approves.  Creation waits with eager longing (Ro 8:19).

Roy LS

A prayer for each week

Lord God of the universe, maker and keeper of your beloved planet earth, please restore us from domineering exploiters to responsible stewards.  Amen.

Saviour Jesus, rightful Lord of all the world and of each living soul, show  us what to do, how to be, and where to go, setting the pace of our steps.  Amen.

Holy Spirit, hovering over the waters at creation in the beginning, and life giver ever since, please open us up fully to your transforming influence. Amen.

Creator God, caring for your world in all its vast complexity, please help us accept your sovereignty over all, seen and unseen, now and eternally.  Amen.

Your own prayers


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