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Virtual worship - 23 January 2022

Fruits of the Spirit – Patience   Service Sheet (pdf) Call to Worship We wait for you, Spirit of God   (From ‘The Weaver, the Word and Wisdom’ by Michaela Youngson) Spirit of God, Breathing, blazing, blessing, Inspire our worship, Ignite our passion, Inform our action We wait for you, Spirit of God. Spirit of God, Dancing, delighting, descending, Move through our lives, Melt our hearts, Motivate our loving. We wait for you, Spirit of God. Spirit of God, Opening, offering, outpouring, Reveal truth to us, Renew our faith, Refine our discipleship. We wait for you, Spirit of God. Song The Spirit lives to set us free StF397 This service is week 4 in the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ series of services at Baildon Methodist Church. When I asked colleagues at work what came to mind when I said today’s theme, without exception they all came up with this: play first 11 seconds of (Take That – Patience).  The image that comes immediately to my mind is the card game and memories of spending many hours p
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Virtual Worship - 16 January 2022

The Methodist Covenant Service Service Sheet (pdf) The Covenant Service is one of the traditional parts of the Methodist calendar. As a feature of Methodist life, the Covenant service goes back to the time of John Wesley. Wesley inherited his understanding of covenanting from the Puritans, who from the seventeenth century onwards used a covenant agreement as the foundation of congregational life. Wesley’s mother, Susannah, had been brought up amongst Puritans and it maybe that she gave Wesley his background knowledge about making such covenants. But in the wording of the Covenant service, Wesley was influenced by Puritan minister, Joseph Alleine. Alleine felt that each new convert ought to make his own personal covenant with Christ. His own recent marriage coloured his choice of words. He called upon these new converts to take Christ for better, for worse. The format of the covenant service has changed over the years, but that sense of ‘for better, for worse’ has remained at the heart

Prayer Column - January 2022

The turn of the year As a new year approaches we tend to wonder what lies ahead, hoping always to shake off the past’s bad record and for something better to come, as if hoping could make it so. We wonder about next year because of course we don’t know what lies around the corner (however great the store of human knowledge, and however thorough our Googling). Search as we may, and it’s a royal honour to do so (Prov 25:2), some things are known only to God: times and seasons fixed by his authority are not for us to know (Acts 1:7), for the future is his. This is a time to remind ourselves of God’s omniscience: he does know (Rom 11:33). He knows the plans he has for us – plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future (Jer 29:11). And it’s time to remember also that God is not far-off and aloof, but a loving, heavenly Father who wants a close living relationship with each of us, day by day and breath by breath – he sent Jesus to bring us back to him. So

Christmas Day Worship 2021

Today is the day - Christmas! The central candle is lit. The waiting is over. The child is born. As we celebrate the Feast and Holy-Day of Christmas, with the Psalmist (Ps. 98:4-6) we proclaim: Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; make music to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing, with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn – shout for joy before the LORD, the King. Prayer Let us pray: Generous God, even as we praise you for the good news of today, and seek to shout for joy at the coming of the Christ-child, we acknowledge Mary’s mix of pain and joy, both today and in the days to come. As we do so, we face our own emotions on this difficult and delightful day, and ask your help to live it well. Amen. Carol You might like to sing, or reflect on the words of Geoffrey Ainger’s hymn at StF 193/H&P 95, Born in the night, Mary’s child, a long way from your home; coming in need, Mary’s child, born in a borro

Virtual Worship - Christmas worship

  Welcome Welcome to this service for Christmas Time.  We hope that this act of worship will help you to celebrate the good news of Christmas. Call to worship I bring you Good News of great joy, for a Saviour has been born to you.  For unto us a child is born, a son is given, Alleluia. Carol Prayer Gift giving God, how mighty you are.  How wondrous the gift you have given.  Foretold and promised now born among us How blessed we are.  Born to redeem us, to rescue and keep us.  How blessed we are. Born to transform and to take us to glory. How blessed we are. Born out of love, born to give love  How blessed we are. O God incarnate gow blessed we are by your extraordinary being. God gives to us His son and to those who seek it, forgiveness of their sins Go and share the gift, show the love and know the peace that God gives  Amen. Prayer of confession Generous, overwhelming God In the excitement and joy of this day We take a moment to reflect and ponder on the immensity of the gift you hav

Virtual worship - 19 December 2021

Advent 4: Thinking about BLESSING Service sheet (pdf) Hymn: STF 187 The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came Introduction Christmas is only days away now. How will you welcome Jesus into your home this year? After last year’s loss and longing, will the blessings of this year’s Christmas celebrations have any extra special meaning for you? Today’s worship is focussed on signs of greeting and blessing. Call to worship Come, greet one another in the name of the Lord. Come, bring all you have and be blessed. Come, and worship the God of the great and the lowly, and share your hopes and fears. Come, young and old – for God is calling you. Collect for today As we light this Advent candle, may its flame be for us a sign of blessing. As Mary and Elizabeth greeted each other, and Mary praised God for the blessings received, may we know God’s blessing in our lives and community, as we offer prayers and praises in Jesus’ name. Amen Hymn: STF166 Christmas Is Coming The Church Is Glad To Sing How do you

Pastoral Letter - 9 December 2021

Dear friends We have been through a lot together over this last 18 months since the pandemic first started, as households, as communities and as the people of the church. At times we have struggled, but we have also recognised the support we can offer one another in times of adversity. When things have been far from normal, we have adapted in new ways to continue the life and mission of the church. In the face of great hurt and great need, we have found the value of faith and hope. Since the summer we have seen signs of hope in the re-opening of buildings and the re-starting of some of our church and community groups. However, recent news of a new variant of the virus has once again raised the level of concern. Clearly, the pandemic is not yet over. Consequently, as I am sure you are already aware, the government has decided that there is a need for greater restrictions to be in place once again - see detailed guidance  dated 8th December. In the light of this, the Methodist Church has