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Virtual Worship - 20 June 2021

Parables for Bradford: Receiving wisdom Service Sheet (pdf) Call to worship:  O God of word and wisdom, parable and proverb, whose ways are beyond our understanding; open our ears to your hidden truths and our imaginations to the depths of your love, that we may know what is right and just and keep only to your paths, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Song:  Sing of the Lord’s goodness, Father of all wisdom (StF 65) OR Let all the world in every corner sing (StF 57; H&P 10) Opening prayer: Blessed are you, God our Father!
 We praise and thank you for your generous love From the beginning you have formed us in faith,
 and again, and again we have gone our own way.
 Yet the voice of wisdom always calls us back to lives of service and love, And we find forgiveness in you. We thank you for your love made visible in Jesus for giving us the words and the will to praise you. In the crib and on the cross you have showed how great your love is;
 you have come to share our life and shown
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Virtual Worship - 13 June 2021

Parables for Bradford - Week 2 Service Sheet (pdf) Introduction Good morning and welcome to this service from Bradford North Methodist Circuit My name is Peter and I am Lay Pastor at Baildon Methodist Church and a Local Preacher in the circuit. You are welcome, whoever you are; if you’ve been worshipping with us for the past year or so; if you’ve just found us as you sit there, curious to see what happens -you are welcome. And if for any reason, you would like to speak to someone we have contact details on the screen at the end of the service. Today we continue with our theme “Parables for Bradford” a parable is a short, simple story that teaches or explains an idea, especially a moral or religious idea this is week two and our parable today is the story Jesus told about two people who built houses – one on a rock foundation and the other on a sand foundation – we shall hear the story a bit later. Song HYMN (StF398) There’s a Spirit in the air… verse 5 gives a practical example of god

Bolton Methodist Church Through the Pandemic

Easter Morning 2021 dawned, it was the day we had been waiting for, for over a year. I woke up early to a hard frost and thought about all those who were preparing for sun rise services.  It was only the 2nd time this year that our building was opened up to worshippers. The Easter Cross and the Church had been suitably dressed for such a special day. Obviously, worship was very different from the usual; we were able to celebrate communion using covid-secure fellowship cups. It felt good to be back, as I reflected on the past year.  We have continued to stay in touch with each other by means of doorstep visits, phone calls and social media. When the rules allowed, we had a couple of social distancing walking groups organised by Margaret T. A monthly news bulletin is produced with news items, reminiscences, poems and of course prayers. David and Edwin looked after the building and Janet kept the finances up to date.  We have knitters and needle craft folk preparing shoe boxes filled with

News from Crag Road

What a difference a year or two makes!  The 2018 – 19 Strategy Questionnaire sent out by Nick asked “What factors guide our thinking and who can help?” Some negative factors are clearly present but we are not concentrating on them. We prefer to ask... ‘What are our strengths and weaknesses and where can we find help to improve the strong points and lessen the weaker ones?’  We went into lockdown quietly confident that the future was hopeful. We continued our prayer walks (virtually), held a Gift Day and contacted all our members to assure them of our support and love. We kept in touch with Drop-in members.  The last 2 years have been like a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. However, climbing on the roller-coaster, creates no worries but going over the top and tearing down the other side is a different story, as we found out as we reviewed the situation.  2020- 21 Covid-19 and Lockdown  What a difference a year makes.  We outlined our position in the last issue of The Link whi

About the new member of our ministerial team…..

Friends,  Normally when I start work in a new appointment there is a fairly clear idea where I should start and what I should do. This time it has been very different because of the pandemic.  Initially I was asked to get to know folk and the areas around Calverley, Christchurch Windhill, Crag Road and Haworth Road Churches. I have been impressed by the faithfulness of so many people in each of these Churches and feel the high levels of longing and the burdens of responsibility, that leaders in these Churches feel for the immediate future. They are not alone in this, for such feelings are repeated in all our Churches across Bradford and beyond.  Thinking prayerfully about my role in the future, the Circuit Leadership Team have agreed that I should spend the majority of my time in the Windhill and Crag Road communities (I am only half time in the Circuit). As your Deacon, I am pleased to be able to do this. A Deacon is called primarily to serve Christ by reaching out into the communiti

A Salutary Tale...

A lady went to her minister and said: “I won’t be coming to church anymore.”  The minister said: “May I ask why?”  She said: “I see people on their mobile phones during the service, some are gossiping, some just aren’t living right. They are all just hypocrites.”  The minister said: “OK. But can I ask you to do something for me, before you make your final decision?”  “What’s that?” she asked.  The minister said: “Take a glass of water and walk round the church with it twice, but don’t let any water spill from the glass."  She said: “Yes, I can do that.”  Afterwards, she came back to him and said: “I have done it.”  The minister asked her three questions:  Did you see anyone on their mobile phone? Did you see anybody gossiping? Was anybody living wrong?  She said: “I didn’t see anything, because I was so focussed on this glass, so the water wouldn’t spill.”  The minister told her: “When you come to church, you should be so focussed on God, so that you do not fall. That’s why Jesus

Easter time at Thornton

Here we are, still in the same place as last time with Church services by Zoom or YouTube, but we can still make time for each other in many ways.  Once again Lent began and displays were arranged in the Church window for everyone to see. Items were added each week which retold the Easter Story. People were asked to decorate their own tree with leaves and we added people’s names who we were praying for and also things we were thankful for on them. They were then displayed in their house windows.  We did have a Church service for Palm Sunday, which was wonderful to meet up and see people again. On Easter day, the cross was arranged with flowers to celebrate new life & the risen Christ. The church family were all given an Easter bag with lots of goodies inside, which included a CD of Easter hymns, readings and reflections. Also a booklet telling the Easter story, a chocolate egg and a special card wishing everyone Easter Blessings. The children also were given their own Easter egg. T