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Prayer Column - September 2021

This year, next year, sometime...

My first job was good, but after a few years I became impatient for a move onwards, though I couldn’t see to what or where. But while I was praying (complaining) about it one day on a walk, I sensed quite clearly God saying, ‘Wait’. So I did, and two years later came an invitation to apply for a job that suited me down to the ground: it was wonderfully stimulating and I could really get my teeth into it. Of course I didn’t know (how could I), that during those two years this brand new opening was being designed and set up. So God couldn’t ‘answer’ until it was ready, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t heard my prayers.

I haven’t applied for many jobs in my career, but I used to have to bid for contracts – and they taught me big lessons. Of course it was great to get the job or contract and I could thank God for it, but much to my surprise I found that the refusals were blessings too. How? Well, as I reflected afterwards on the rejections I saw that those jobs really would not have been right for me, and gradually I felt quite relieved. It was as if God had been blocking the wrong path: so ‘No’ was the better answer in those cases – though I admit I wasn’t ever unemployed for very long.

So when I pray and nothing seems to happen, perhaps things I can’t know about are having to click into place first. Or perhaps God is saying he has a better way than I had thought. I remind myself: he is Sovereign and always knows best, however hard that may be to accept during long silences or when nice-looking doors get firmly closed.

Roy Lorrain-Smith

A prayer for each week

Sovereign Lord, Master of all, please give us the faith to see that you have a personal path for each of us, and help us find your direction and pace. Amen.

Heavenly Father, tenderly concerned for our welfare – in matters of the spirit and our bodies – please help us pray trustingly to find your way. Amen.

Lord of all opportunities, please keep us fully alert to the breath of your Spirit, that we may respond promptly and rightly to all your leading. Amen.

Glorious God, how majestic is your name in all the earth, and how patient is your Spirit in each soul. Please help us to play our part, for your glory. Amen.

Your own prayers


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