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Prayer Column - December 2020

That they may be with me where I am

When Moses asked God (at the burning bush – Ex 3:13-14) for his name, God said “I am”, the essence of life and being. And Jesus spelled out what that meant in his “I am” metaphors: the bread of life; the light of the world; the door of the sheep; the good shepherd; the resurrection and the life; the way, the truth and the life; and the true vine; and there may be more. (These are all in John’s Gospel, see: 6:35; 8:12; 10:7; 10:11; 11:25; 14:6; 15:1)

So when he prayed for his disciples, that “they may be with me where I am”, he might have been referring to our eventual heavenly destination, but he might also have been praying that we would follow him in the here and now in his “I am” roles on earth. So we can pray for gifting and guiding that, in his name and by his Spirit, we may, for instance:
  • Feed and sustain others in their need, spiritually and materially
  • Shine the light of his truth and goodness, wherever we are
  • Lead others to faith in Jesus, as Saviour and as Lord
  • Be compassionately caring shepherds of those in our care
  • Trust him as sufficient in all things, in this life and the next
  • Follow him obediently as Lord of our lives, wherever he leads
  • Allow God to prune our fruitful branches, to bear even more fruit
As we find ways to be and to do any of these things, we shall be living out God’s answers to the high priestly prayer of the Lord Jesus himself.

Roy Lorrain-Smith

A prayer for each week

Lord of all life, please lead us into your fullness, as you choose, and with the gifts your Holy Spirit bestows, for the common good and your glory. Amen.

Lord of the abundant life, please guide us away from all limiting harm, and liberate us towards all the good you intend, that we may serve well. Amen.

Lord of all being, please help us serve the needs of others, easing their problems and enriching their lives, perhaps in ways we can’t see or grasp. Amen.

Lord of all hope in darkness promise in despair, please so fill us that we may radiate your being, and place us where we may serve you faithfully. Amen.


Your own prayers


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