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A book full of stories - March prayer column

If history is the stories we tell about ourselves, as someone once said, could prayer be the stories we would like to be part of, with the Lord?

I praise God because I need reminding (repeatedly, till it’s part of me) that God is praiseworthy: great, good, glorious and gracious. That’s why I want to be in his story.

I ask God for help with problems because I’d rather not be in that particular episode, or if I have to be, please can it help bring about a wonderful denouement that nothing else could.

I pray for others for much the same reasons – to straighten out their bio or enrich them in ways beyond imagining (God’s stories are so astonishing in their twists, turns, and endings).

But then there’s pondering prayers, when I have to ask God what the plot actually is, because it’s sometimes easy to lose, isn’t it? What are you doing, Lord? Which way now, and with whom?

Worship can also include hindsight prayers, when I see and marvel at the narrative God is writing as he leads me, allowing for my likes and leanings, though always true to his overall theme.

And any time is thank you time: for keeping me to his plotline, through all the rival tales and rumours that might tempt me into dead ends – down to sloughs of despond; up blind alleys where the wayward prowl, or too dangerously near the edge.

Can you pray like this too?

Thank you, Lord, for writing me into your script, through Jesus, Amen.

Roy LS

A prayer for each week

Dear Lord, Great Author of all that is, please help me not to lose the plot on the way to you, through Jesus. Amen.

Dear Lord, Master Editor of all our work, please help me to accept all your amendments of my best efforts. Amen.

Dear Lord, Expert Spinner of all our yarns, please help me blend alongside all those with whom you ply me. Amen.

Dear Lord, Chief Weaver of all our plotlines, please help me accept and play each role in which you cast me. Amen.

Your own prayers


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