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April Prayer Column

Prayer for Bradford City and Surrounds What are we all doing for our contribution for the p4b Lenten prayer, on your chosen day – Monday or Tuesday 14-15th April ?
Here are some ideas Get a picture of the place, or the bit that matters most to you: ·Look at a map: see where you are, and your neighbouring areas ·Collect some photos: places, faces, events, memories ·Stand at a viewpoint over the area you want to focus on ·Take a walk through the area, or a bus, or even drive Listen to what’s going on in the area: ·Scan the T&A or freebie local paper, Look North, Calendar, radio ·Listen to what they’re saying  at bus stops, shop queues, etc. ·Talk to your pew neighbours and prayer groups, and share ideas Pray about what you see and hear, as directed by the Lord: ·Mark good, godly developments to be encouraged; be thankful ·Note problems which still need solving, and call on God’s help ·Pray yourself, involve others, or get the church together Look to Scripture to start or stimulate ideas, e.…

End Hunger Fast - Friday 4 April 2014

End Hunger Fast Friday April 4th Britain is hungry for change!

Many people across the UK have already pledged to fast on Friday 4 April in solidarity with those who cannot afford to eat - will you join them?’ (Methodist Church March 6th)

There will a chance to find out more at

StAndrews Methodist Church will be open for prayer and reflection and information Friday April 4th 11.00am – 4.00pm 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Come and join us for a while and show your care for those who are hungry.
Sarah Jemison 

Prayer column for March

Expecting the unexpected

You may not have heard of Charlestown Meadows – fields by Buck Lane on the lower edge of Baildon about to be built on – unless you’re an avid reader of the Telegraph & Argus.  It’s council-owned land, and they are putting in infrastructure in the expectation, or hope, of attracting private enterprise.  So it did, early on, in the guise of travellers’ caravans, but they can’t have filled in the right forms and were turfed out, leaving behind them the usual jetsam of their presence, including, to my surprise, a towelling dressing gown which still graces the approach road to the site.  It caught my eye and I did a rough and hasty sketch of it one afternoon.
Why?  And what’s this got to do with prayer anyway?  Well the ‘why’ is simply that it caught my eye and seemed bizarre enough to note.  And the prayer connection is that it occurred to me afterwards that we don’t do enough if it – I mean we don’t do enough of noting the bizarre, the unexpected, the unusual…