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A Day of Prayer for our Farmers - Sunday July 29th

A Day of Prayer for our Farmers - Sunday July 29th
At Lammas tide, which on August 1st, it is traditional to take a loaf, made from the first grain of the harvest season, to be blessed in church and to ask for God’s blessing on the ensuing harvest. This loaf is then used to celebrate communion. Given the extremes of weather experienced in the Spring and early Summer this year, it is unlikely that any farmer will be in a position to harvest any crops by this date. Early in the year while the talk was of drought conditions and hosepipe bans, many crops started to suffer from lack of moisture, Then we experienced unprecedented and near continuous rainfall for several months. Week after week we have heard of new records for high rainfall being established; for the majority of us this has simply been inconvenient while others have suffered dreadfully through repeated flooding. For our farmers, who toil all year long to provide us with the food we need, it can mean disaster.

Mild and wet co…

Forgiveness In Pastoral Ministry Today

Forgiveness In Pastoral Ministry Today A module from the Durham University MA in Theology and Ministry
 11-13 April & 4-6 July 2013 at St John’s College, Durham.
You are welcome to join this module without signing up to the full MA.
The module offers participants high quality validated teaching and enables them to examine the current research on forgiveness and consider the implications for a Christian understanding of forgiveness. It traces the development of Christian thinking about forgiveness from the period of the New Testament onwards and explores how we might develop appropriate, wise and imaginative applications of the principles of forgiveness to pastoral situations in ministry today.
Module teaching teamRevd Dr Anthony Bash - Dr. Anthony Bash is a Church of England priest and an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University. Anthony is author of Forgiveness and Christian Ethics and Just Forgiveness.
Canon Dr Stephen Cherry - Ca…

Message from the Link

Dear Friends

A few years ago I was asked to go and take a service in Elland.  I set off in good time as I didn't know where the church was and I was informed that it was difficult to find.  However, I found it alright with the aid of the A-Z and a helpful resident who pointed the way.  I couldn't park near the church, so I had to walk up an historic set of steps.  When I got to the top, I encountered a beautiful Methodist Church with a well kept garden in front.  As I was early I sat on the seat in the sunshine and enjoyed a lovely view; it felt good to be alive on God's earth.

The service went well and afterwards I set off back home, unfortunately I took a wrong turn in the middle of Elland and didn't realise until i had travelled 2 miles.  I asked a lady which was the correct way and she pointed to the motorway.  When I arrived at the motorway there was no junction, so I ended up going right over Saddleworth Moor on my way to Oldham.  I was relieved when I saw a sign…

Swishing Party

Swishing Party7.00 - 9.00 pm Tuesday 7 August 2012 Thackley Methodist Church BD10 0RH
Never heard of it???
This is how it works ... you bring good quality items of clothing/accessories/shoes etc from your wardrobe and for each item of clothing you will bet 1 ticket - this/these ticket(s) can be used then to purchase any item of clothing you decide on at the Swish.
These items can be brought to Thackley Church on Monday 6 August between 6.00 and 7.00 pm.
There will be a 'look and trying on' session from 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm and you will be able to have refreshments. Absolutely NO-ONE is allowed to claim items before the swish opens at 8pm. You can leave with as many items as you want - but each additional item will cost £2

Entry to the event is £5 and this will include refreshments.