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A knock at the door of Bradford North Circuit

This is the nearest I've got to a picture of Bradford North: a view across Shipley and Bradford to the higher hills beyond. I wonder how God sees it, from his far greater height, to the depth of every humanheart?The children trailing home;Workers making their way;Householders keeping house;Elderley resting in care.All his beloved creation. Each his child of potential in Jesus. As far as the eye can see, and faith can feel, and trust can rely. In Jesus. It's promise - he's Lord. It's challenge - if he's our Lord.As we face the future as Bradford North Circuit, from Baildon to Thornton, and from Calverley to Harecroft - 18 bodies of witness to the Lordship of Jesus - this promise and challenge come to us afresh. And we must pray his Lordship into a living reality that others can see.Lord, I know you're standing at Bradford North's door. i can hear your knocking in the vacant seats and absent children, in the emptying coffers and thickening deafness to…

Eccleshill Methodist Church Centenary

Exhibition - 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday 30/31 July 2011
There will be a display of photos depicting the life of our church over the last 100 years. Refreshments will be served in the hall.

Worship - Sunday 31 July 2011
10.30 am Rev Bernard Nixon
6.00 pm A special Centenary service led by Rev Keith Hunt

We would be especially pleased to see past and present members, as well as any friends who would wish to join us for any of these.

Action for Children Sunday - 10 July

The Action for Children Covenant

Every child has the right to live, to be safe and to be loved. Everyone young person has the right to be housed, to have enough money to live in dignity and to have enough support for the future. Every young person has the right to justice, to realise their potential and to be given the space to become independent. in an often cruel and imperfect world, we uphold the work of Action for Children with children and young people in danger, in need and at risk. We support the growth of this work and the pursuit of all these rights for the young, the discounted and the vulnerable. We make this covenant with Action for Children for the sake of all God's children.


For more information go to the Action for Children website.