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Visit of Pakistani Bishop to Bradford

Bishop Rev Muno Rumal Shah, now retired but formerly  Bishop of Peshawar in Pakistan, visited Bradford a couple of months ago. Bishop Shah has blessed and encouraged the work within Asian Christian ministry and also appreciates the work within the interfaith community. He now works at Central Office in Lahore, Pakistan. 
St Andrew’s Methodist Church has strong links with an Asian Christian community in the village of Shanti Nagar in Pakistan, which used to be our home village. We now attend regularly at St Andrew’s.
We also wanted to let you know about our Asian worship, which happens on the second Saturday of every month. We would be really glad if anybody would like to join us. For more details, you could contact us via St Andrew’s.
Also, we have bibles available in Urdu and Hindi and if anybody requires these would you let us know please. Please let us know if anybody needs any prayers; we would be more than happy to keep them in our prayers.
Saleem and Joyce D, St Andrew’s   

St Andrew's Outdoor Carol Service

“So glad that Paul, the weatherman, got it wrong!”
The week before Christmas, St Andrew’s held their annual outdoor carol service. Numbers have declined over recent years, so we decided to do things a little differently.
Despite the terrible weather forecast of continuous rain and potential high winds, we still met as planned and God provided us with a mild and dry night.
The evening consisted of carols led by some members of West Yorkshire Brass; a light parade led by Joseph, with his donkey hand puppet, Mary and an angel with a sparkly star; and a nativity tableau by the Junior Church/Youth which gradually formed between carols and narration. We finished by chatting over coffee and mince pies inside.
Around 150 people attended including many from our uniformed organisations. Some Guides even gained their carol singing badge that night.
As the brass band were thanked, they remarked on how uplifting the evening had been with so many young people being present and joining in. So we qu…

Thornton's Nativity

The annual Nativity service at Thornton Church took place on Sunday 13th December. The children took turns to read the Christmas Story and the congregation joined in with the carols.

This was followed by a Faith Lunch and a party. All the children got a present and the annual 'Santa Awards' were given to the cast and production team of the pantomime.

Elaine B, Thornton

January message from the Ministry Team

Dear Friends,
As I came to preparing this article, I started to think about the years in my life, which ended with a six and what of significance for me, personally, happened in those years.
1966    My brother was born and as a family we moved into the house in Leeds where my mum lived, up until a year ago.
1976    I attended my first cricket match at Headingley, Leeds.  A match between Yorkshire and Lancashire.  A little disappointed that Geoffrey Boycott did not play.
1986    I finished my Accountancy and Finance degree and started work as a trainee Chartered Accountant.  Beth and I got married.
1996    Beth and I went to Oxford for me to train for ordained ministry.
2006    Beth and I went on a tour of the Holy Land.  A fantastic experience.
I have a love of history, with, my favourite battle happening in Sussex on 14 October 1066.
It is interesting, when you stop to think about it, how you can map things which shape our lives, across the decades.  Other years have contained other…