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It’s a snip at Wesley’s

Everyone who’s ever dined at Wesley’s knows what a "snip" it is, but the snip went a stage further in June when the Gents Quarter Barbershop took over cosy Room 2, while their Baildon Westgate shop was being refurbished.

A few from Baildon MC have been regular customers since they opened and a couple of months ago, whilst in one of their three chairs, they said they’d be having to close for three weeks to do up their shop.  We said "why don’t you open a pop-up barbershop in the Methodist Church...? "

To cut it short, they came and looked and they liked.  We talked to Lindsay (Lettings) Sykes, who managed a tweak of the room rota.  One of the Cell Groups was a bit disconcerted that they had to move from their usual room, but they now prefer Room 3's intimacy.

We pointed out to the folk in Wesley’s that any males they didn’t recognise were likely to be customers of GQ; and we encouraged Wesley’s staff to engage with them.  When the oldies in Wesley’s kitchen saw how dishy the GQ barbers looked, no further urging was needed. ‘They were a delight,’ they said.

It worked both ways.  GQ's director, Claire Giffen, baked some cup-cakes to sell in Wesley’s as a thank you.  When her kids were younger, they’d gone to the Marley Hut pre-school and she used to lunch with the other ‘Yummy Mummys’.  As a result of GQ being in the building, she realised how much she’d missed those times and has made a pact to come in for lunch more often.

It was a way of supporting a local business, but we’ll be honest – we also saw this as an opportunity for witness and mission, a way of generating a new footfall, and over the period of their occupancy, over 1,000 new folk came in, experiencing the building and its surroundings.  Being able to use the premises and experience the welcome gives an invaluable positive message.

Ashley F, Baildon


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Pancakes and Poems at Thornton

Pancakes and Poems, what a great evening we had on 13th February (Shrove Tuesday), in aid of 2nd Mile Project.

People were invited to come along for tea/supper and enjoy a variety of pancakes both savoury and sweet.

The selection was most tempting with fillings such as chilli. chicken and avocado, mushroom or cheese and onion. The sweet fillings were too many to mention, but my favourite was fresh fruits with ice cream – yum, yum.

Throughout the evening, many people had brought poems to read to everyone. The genre of this was amazing with funny, romantic, knowledgeable and even a little bit naughty.

It was good to be together with laughter and smiles all round. A special thank you to everyone who came and all who helped.

Elaine B, Thornton

Virtual Worship - 14 June 2020

Call to worship (based on Psalm 100)Shout with joy to the Lord
Worship the Lord with gladness.
Know that the Lord is God
It is God who made us, and we are God’sEnter God’s gates with thanksgiving
Come into God’s courts with praise Give thanks to God and praise God’s holy name.
The Lord is good God’s love endures for ever. Amen.
PrayerLord God, you made us, and we are yours, we are your people, the sheep of your pasture. As we focus on you this morning, and acknowledge that your presence makes the place in which we do this (wherever it is) a holy space, touch our hearts afresh with your love, that our lips may praise you and our lives serve you in all things. Amen.

You might like to sing, or reflect on the words of, Hymn StF 363, which begins, “My Jesus, my Saviour, Lord there is none like you. All of my days I want to praise the wonders of your mighty love”.

Read Romans 5:1-8First silently to yourself, then, if you can, out loud, from the Message Bible. I love the way…

Virtual Worship - 19 July 2020

Service sheet (pdf) Opening sentence:Those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God...the Spirit makes you God’s children and by the Spirit’s power we cry out to God, ‘Abba, Father.
Song:Join in with or listen to ‘Sing of the Lord’s goodness’ (Singing the Faith 65) as we offer our praise to God. Alternatively, use a well-known hymn such as ‘Lord of all hopefulness’ (Singing the Faith 526, Hymns and Psalms 552) as we affirm the presence of God in our worship today.

Opening prayers:Creator God
We come to praise your name today,
We are confident of your love for us,
knowing that you want the very best for us and for your world.
Help us to be a people strong in Spirit
and faithful to your call,
so that the confidence you show in us
may be shown to be well placed.
And encourage us to share in the work of Jesus
that the good news of your saving grace
may be a message of hope and rejoicing
for all creation.

The Lord’s Prayer may be said here.
Gospel reading:Matthew 13.24-30
24 He put before …