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September Prayer Column

Getting and giving prayer help Visitors to your church may want to be prayed for. How can a prayer leaflet help? Well, first it can offer reassurance: we certainly can pray for one another – we can ask anyone we trust to pray for us, or with us. But your church may offer something more. For instance:

Some churches have someone available to pray with people after services. If yours does, say where they can be found.You may have a regular (weekly?) Prayer Meeting. When, where?If you invite prayer requests, e.g., through a steward; or in a prayer book, notice board, prayer tree, etc., give details.Or they can email requests to or go to Those who’ve had prayers answered may then want to pray for others, and your leaflet could give some tips about that too, like:
Be a good listener when people talk to you, and pray about what you hear. If you feel led to do so, offer to pray with them.You can pray (for anyone) at any ti…

August Prayer Column

Church prayer and private prayer
If you’re doing a Church Leaflet on Prayer, as suggested last month, it may be good to start with a bit about what it is and why it matters (p1), but you may also (p2) want to draw attention to how your Church prays: e.g., public prayer during worship services,  and the normal practice of brief prayer at the beginning and end of Church meetings.  If you hold any prayer meetings, obviously list time(s) and venue(s), and perhaps what they’re like and how long they last.  If you make this monthly prayer column available (in some form) you might mention it.  And you could even include information about the Bradford North Circuit prayer letters emailed out each week to those who’ve asked for them – to find out more, contact: Besides saying how ‘the Church’ prays, you may also want to offer some guidance for novices or the nervous about how they themselves can pray.  You could reassure that we can talk with God anytime, inside or …