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October Prayer Column

Joseph and his khaki-coloured prayer shawl
Joseph’s story from sneaky, swanky, daddy’s-pet dreamer to practical, protective first lord of Egypt is in Genesis 37-50.  We’re told God was with him, as Potiphar’s slave, and in prison; God tells him what dreams mean, for his fellow prisoners and Pharaoh; and he sees God’s hand in his whole life, from betrayed little brother to family saviour in the famine.  Missing from the record are his prayers, but I think he must have prayed.  Put yourself in his sandals.  How would you pray when God gave you dreams of greatness?  Or how do you pray about his promises?  Wouldn’t you cry out to God in a pit, hungry, thirsty, bruised and miserable; or horrified as brothers flogged you off as a slave for 20 shekels; or on the long, hard road south to Egypt?  And isn’t it likely he prayed to keep his hands off the boss’s wife when she come-hithered him?  Don’t you need to pray to keep on the straight and narrow when temptation looms? He must have asked Go…


LabyrinthA quiet and reflective space for people of any faith, or none.
Church open 7-9pm for self-guided meditation. Hall open from 7.30pm for soup/bread and drinks. You are welcome to either, or both.
Saltaire Methodist Church, Saltaire Road BD183HJ. Last Sunday of the month.
[Sept 28th, Oct 26th, Nov 30th, Dec 28th  in 2014]