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We are sad that Sharon is leaving ....

Sharon, our Children's Work Enabler, left the Circuit at the end of March ...
“Arriving at the first meeting of Sharon's support group, 8 years ago, little did I know I was stepping in to the path of a whirlwind! A whirlwind that would bring Jesus into the lives of so many children, firstly in the Woodhouse Grove circuit and then in the Bradford North circuit. The whirlwind that was Sharon! God bless Sharon.”  Rodney, Calverley.
“Hi Sharon , This is the Naughty boy !!! from Crag Road. But today, for you, I am trying to be good. From Crag Road Methodist Church and High Crag Primary School, we give you our ‘Thanks’ for all the help and inspiration you have given us over the past few years. We all wish you the very best for the future, in whatever path you take. Every blessing.” David, Crag Road
Sharon knows that Saltaire Methodist Church is going into Saltaire Primary School again this year. This work started with Sharon offering to lead a day based on Noah's Ark to our lo…

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank

An article in the March Link stated that, after April, the foodbank operated by the Light Church will limit its service to postcodes which extend into the centre of Bradford.  However, there is a food bank which provides food bags for the whole of the Bradford district and surrounding areas. The following is an account of this bank; I am indebted to Keith Thomson, a member of the committee, for this information.
Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank is the original food bank in Bradford.It opened in 2004, as an extension of the Curry Project for rough sleepers, started by Lashman Singh. It provides food bags for the whole of the Bradford district and collects food from the same area.
It is non-sectarian, supporting people of all faiths and none, and the volunteers are from all sections of the diverse Bradford community. The main committee, the original seven and up to fifty volunteers are just that. We are all volunteers and no-one is paid.
We never see the people and families that tuck into o…

End Hunger Fast - Britain is hungry for change!

Over the past few months there has been increasing concern about the level of poverty and hunger in the UK. In Bradford, the services of the Metropolitan Food Bank and the Light Church foodbank are in greater than ever demand. Churches across the circuit are supporting these food banks, exploring opening new ones and coping with people requesting food on their doorsteps. No one should have to go hungry.

Traditionally for Christians, Lent has been a time for fasting.

Most of us in our churches don’t ever go hungry, unless we choose to ...
Yet, over 10 million people live in poverty in the United Kingdom, including 3.5 million children.Half a million people are now dependent on food aid. One in five mothers report regularly skipping meals to better feed their children and 5,500 people were admitted to hospital in the UK for malnutrition this year, compared with 3,000 in 2008.30% of those visiting food banks do so because their benefits have been delayed; 15% because they are under sancti…

Emerge - a Good News story from Windhill

A very good start to the year; the numbers are growing on a Wednesday evening. We have just introduced a music project which is being delivered by One in a Million. This involves the young people creating and designing their own song on a laptop, using specific technical sounds. It has really taken off. This month we held a fire-lighting activity outdoors using a fire-pit and toasting marshmallows and cooking some sausages. I am grateful for the commitment and passion of the other workers supporting Wednesday evenings, as this is only possible because we have 7 staff each week.

This month we started a Fresh Expression of Church in St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm, called Extreme Explorers. Already we have 30 young people on the register. The idea behind the name is: exploring in the Bible, how they can be extreme disciples of Jesus in the world of school, home and social life. Each week we relate Bible stories to their daily life, we…

Gift weekend - a Good News story from Northcliffe

A weekend of fun and reminiscing was had by all who attended our Gift weekend on 8/9 March. Various displays of talent were on show together with photos past and present of Hall Royd Methodist Church and Shipley United Reformed Church. We welcomed new and old friends to a church filled with daffodils on the Saturday afternoon, where you could view the various displays, listen to organ recitals, have a go at glass-engraving, friendship bracelets, camping, play dough, sewing and then finish it off with a table service of afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches, scones and cream and beautifully homemade cakes. A lot of people came through the doors and left with smiles on their faces.

The weekend continued into the evening, when we held a concert of talents. Air hostesses Adele and Julie were on hand to make sure the concert ran smoothly with no turbulence. The band played for us, Fiddle and Feet danced for us and the Guides and Rangers made us laugh and cry with their talents. A lot …

Memorial Service - a Good News story from St Andrew's

St Andrew’s Church held a memorial service on 9 February, to commemorate an attack by Muslim extremists on the Christian village of Shanti Nagar in the Punjab, Pakistan. The church has close links with the village, where the Dutt family, who are members at St Andrew’s, grew up. It is 17 years since the attack took place, but things have not improved in Pakistan, and violence against minority faiths (not just Christians) continues to happen frequently. You may recall the recent bomb attack on the cathedral in Peshawar.

There were several Bradford Muslims in the congregation, including the Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Khadim Hussain, who lit a candle during the service. Three former Lord Mayors also attended, two of whom are Muslims. Incidentally there were also Hindus and a Jew in the congregation. We are proud to say that inter-faith relations in Bradford are an example to the world.

The purpose of the service was to pray for people around the world who suffer persecution because of th…

Jesus-shaped people - a Good News story from Baildon

Baildon Methodist Church is often seen as a successful church with few needs. That is not how it has seemed for us at closer quarters!  We are conscious that unless we renew our congregation, our building may well become a carpet warehouse in about five years.  So, in January, following six months’ preparation, we started a 15-week programme of study called “Jesus-shaped People”, an Anglican programme designed for estate parishes by Rev Canon Gordon Dey.  The strap line is “Everything you need to be a Christian and nothing you don’t”.  The texts are all from earliest and most authentic accounts of the life of Jesus, largely Mark’s Gospel.

The programme is divided into five aspects of Jesus’ ministry:
Jesus was most concerned about people on the edge of society: children, women, foreigners, sick people.Jesus taught in the common language and used illustrations from everyday life.Jesus recognised people’s strengths and used them to develop a team to take his work on.Jesus frequently reti…

Good News story from ZEM

ZEM, Zimbabwe Education MTAPA, is a charity set up by Bolton, Calverley and Saltaire Methodist Churches to help disadvantaged children get an education. The children live in one of the poorest townships in Zimbabwe.
The recent ZEM Zimbabwean Lunch & Concert proved to be a very successful event.  This was attended by about 40 people who enjoyed a meal prepared by Zimbabwean members of Trinity Methodist Church in Leeds.  The event also had a splendid two-part concert by the Palm Court Quintet.
We had donated £100 towards the cost of food which was returned by our Zimbabwean friends in recognition of their appreciation of the work we do for the children in Mtapa.  We anticipate that funds will be increased by £300+ as a result. ZEM is very grateful for the hard work and organisation of both Calverley Methodist Church and our Leeds friends.

April message from the Ministry Team

As April begins, we are still in the season of Lent, but at least some of our thoughts will be turning towards Easter - celebration of resurrection, preparations for school holidays, the reintroduction of presently-denied treats.  In the meantime, are we using well the opportunities the season of Lent affords us: a time to pause and reflect upon what the Lord wants from us, a time for listening to His voice and seeking His will? 
If you have been in one of my services over recent months, you will have heard me quote from Philippians 1:6 ‘He who began a good work in you, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus’.  The day we go to be with Jesus or the day of his return, whichever comes first.  None of us, whether young or old, chronologically or spiritually, is beyond His call.  What is God calling us to?  Maybe it is to come to faith in Him.  Maybe He is calling you to a new area of service, to take up new responsibilities, to attempt new things.  Maybe the Lord …