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November Prayer Column - Persistent Pestering

Persistent Pestering

At the launch of Walkers are Welcome in Baildon the other day, Colin Speakman reviewed 200 years of work for public access to the countryside, leading to our present footpath network (and who knows what next).  He commented that change rarely came but by pestering authority till they yielded for a bit of peace. It’s like the point Jesus made about the need for persistence in prayer (Luke 18:1-8).  But if, as he said, the Father God to whom we pray is so much more willing to respond than selfish power groups, why then do we still need to persist or even pester?  Here are a few suggestions. Problems in us: Asking for the wrong things, or for selfish reasons?  Could delay be the Father redirecting our thoughts?  Keep checking? Problems out there: Resistance not from God but from other forces, which may take time to overcome  (e.g., Daniel 10:12-14).  Keep at it. Problems beyond: God is sovereign: he knows best, and some reasons for his non-compliance may be beyond our …

The Spirit of the Christmas Truce of WW1 Relived

The Spirit of the Christmas Truce of WW1 Relived
During the 1st World War on Christmas Day1914 an amazing thing happened. There was a truce just for that day. Germans and the British stopped fighting and started singing carols. They came out of their trenches
and shook hands with the enemy. Photographs of families were shown to each other, small gifts were exchanged. Then they played a game of FOOTBALL!

Just for that day it was PLAY not WAR!

In remembrance of those men, and, their hopes for the Peace to come:

Football Match
1.30 pm - 4.00 pm Sunday 10 November 2013 Bradford's Centenary Square
Reflections, Poetry and Music
on the theme of peace and war
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm
The Delius Centre, Great Horton Road

Come and join us!

Eric Gill Sculptor - Hidden Gems in Bradford

Eric Gill Sculptor Hidden Gems in Bradford
3.30 pm Saturday 2 November at 3.30pm

St Cuthbert's Church, Wilmer Road, BRADFORD BD9 4RX 
Eric Gill was at the peak of his fame in the 1930s when he agreed to help his friend Father John O'Connor to make some sculptures for St Cuthbert's RC church.  There are 16 examples of his work in the church and  there will be a unique opportunity for people to view them and hear about the sculptor himself from an expert, Rev Graham Kent. Graham, a Methodist minister, studied Eric Gill and wrote his thesis about him.
Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Welcome Service for Rev Clare Davison 30 November 2013

There will be a Service of Welcome for the new Minister, Rev Clare Davison on Saturday 30 November 2013 at 4pm at Little Lane Church.
A tea will be served immediately following the service.  This is likely to be along the lines of a similar meal we held recently with hot meat sandwiches and buffet.  For catering purposes will you please let us know if you would like to join us for the meal. 

Share the joy of Christmas with older people

The most important Christmas Card you’ll send this year
Methodist Homes (MHA) are asking YOUR CHURCH to share the joy of Christmas with older people this year.  Could you take the time to write just one extra Christmas card which will be passed to an older person cared for by MHA? 
To take part, please refer to the further details and an order form. Instructions of how to take part, as well as special Christmas cards designed by an MHA resident for your church members to write their own messages of goodwill and friendship, are included in the Christmas Friendship Appeal pack.
“May I express my gratitude for your lovely idea of asking folk (including children) to send Christmas cards. We appreciate the warmth and concern of the whole idea.”  MHA Resident

9th Annual Rosa Parks Symposium 13 December 2013

9th Annual ROSA PARKS Symposium Continuing the Dream: "Transformation into an Oasis of Freedom and Justice" Friday 13 December 2013 9.30 am - 5.00 pm, Great Hall, Richmond Building, University of Bradford, BD7 1DP To register your interest for this free event please contact: Events and Partnerships, Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford BD7 1DP E:, T: (01274) 233217 F: (01274) 233218 W:

Summer Coffee Evenings raise over £1,200

Wilsden Trinity Church
We would like to say a big thank you to all who supported us for your help in making our Summer Coffee Evenings such a brilliant success. The evenings have proved to be very popular and have been really well attended, attracting people from Wilsden village as well as members of other churches in the circuit.  Together we have munched our way through a tonne of biscuits and home-made scones and consumed gallons of coffee and tea. We have baked and bric-a-bracked and book sorted and are all exhausted and half a stone heavier than we were in May but feel it has been well worth the effort.

In addition to enjoying very pleasant social evenings, with God's help we have succeeded in raising over £1,200 - approximately £250 each for the five chosen charities: Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Parkinson Society, Alzheimer's Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society and Martin House Children's Hospice.

We are already planning for next summer and look forward to seeing you al…

Drop-in Centre is a Great Success - a good news story from Haworth Road Methodist Church

The new Drop-in Centre at Haworth Road Methodist Church is proving a great success.  Please come and join with us in free refreshments including home baking, home made jam, and book stall for your home reading.  We have friends coming regularly to join us and everyone is very welcome.  Come and bring a friend and share in good fellowship.  The church is near the bottom of Haworth Road in Heaton.

The Drop-in Centre is every Friday 10.00 am to 11.30 am.

Rainbow God, Rainbow People!

As we begin a new Methodist year, the trees are dressing in their autumn colours. I love the orange, reds, browns and yellow that replaces the green. I wonder at the fruit, the berries and the seeds. As the temperature drops, energy bursts out in a final blaze of activity. Soon the hibernating, darkness of winter will enfold us. But for now there's plenty of colour!
John Ruskin, the 19th century artist and philosopher, declared, 'of all the gifts that are bestowed upon man, colour is the holiest, the most divine'. A while ago, there was great interest in the concept of 'Colour Me Beautiful': we would look better and feel happier if we wore colours that matched our inner personalities. A the same time, 'Colour Me Spiritual' by Ann Bird was published. She believed that colour deeply appreciated, can touch and mould each one of us, not only on the surface but at a deeper spiritual level.
What colour God? The question posed by the art exhibition, 'The Colo…

Palm Court Quintet and Singers

Wrose Methodist Church
Friday 25 October 2013
7.00 pm
A Concert in aid of the Redevelopment Fund given by the Calverley Methodist Church
Palm Court Quintet and Singers
Tickets/Programme £5

Peace Events in Centenary Square

Please support the events in Centenary Square on Friday 11 October:

12.00 - 4pm: Bradford Women for Peace handing out peace ribbons; marquees + food, arts and crafts stalls and possibly some music4pm - 5.45pm: Bradford Together group building a Wall of Hope with signed postcards (Postcards are available from / can be returned to Bradford Arts & Resources Centre) from thousands of local people "standing up for a peaceful and inclusive city". 5.45pm: Interfaith Prayers for Peace, led by Bradford faith leaders.

Understanding and Responding to Dementia

Living in the Memories of God Understanding and Responding to Dementia West Yorkshire Methodist District Development Day Saturday 19 October 2013 9.30am – 4pm A day of exploration and practical help including: Drama with The AZ2B theatre company Input from Dr Susan Boyce, Bradford University The Revd Dr Albert Jewell, Methodist Minister and writer on spirituality and aging Workshopson ØDeveloping Dementia Friendly Churches ØWorship and People with Dementia ØMemory cafes and other local resources ØVisiting people with dementia Location:  Lindley Methodist Church, East Street, Lindley, Huddersfield, HD3 3ND Tea and coffee provided, bring your own lunch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME__________________________________________________(BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE)

October Prayer Column

Cats will be cats Some neighbours have been on holiday, and Jean’s been feeding their cats.  One’s deaf, the other’s devious, and both are catesquely contrary. In the morning they hide and won’t come out.  In the evening they play busy and won’t come in, however coaxed with food, yet next day complain about nocturnal neglect.  And care has to be taken to stop one eating the other’s food as well as its own.  You can learn a lot about prayer from cats.

For instance, have you ever noticed how frequently we go our own way and yet expect to be looked after, miaowing angrily or piteously to the Lord when things catch up with us?  And that bit about “Give us each day our daily bread...”: we don’t usually add “and our neighbours’ too”, but our actions might imply it.  And as to being deaf – well, aren’t we often deaf to what the Lord has to say to us?  Good at yowling our requests, and even rubbing ourselves against the Lord’s legs to get our own way (with a spot of affection, granted, as we…