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Prayer column: August 2013

The year of the bee

It’s a way of focusing interest: ‘The year of...’ Bees are vastly important in the cycles and balances of nature, on which our welfare depends in this world, in which we have been given our tending and keeping role. We can do things better once we’ve learned more. That’s the message.

But it’s only part of the message we really need to hear, which might be better styled ‘The year of the be’. No amount of learning will make any difference if we don’t change. No amount of fresh resolve will achieve anything of lasting importance if we don’t radically alter the way we go about things. Jesus came to make such a difference. He sent his Holy Spirit to carry on the work of transformation – so we could actually be different: really doing Jesus things the Jesus way.

That’s why the rest of creation (including the bee) is waiting with such eager longing for the revealing of the children of God (Ro 8:19-21), because as we allow the Spirit to change us into how we shoul…