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Circuit NWiB Advent Service

Circuit NWiB (Network)
Advent Service at
Eccleshill Methodist Church
Friday 30 November 2012
2.30 pm
Address given by Rev Sarah Jemison
Tea & mince pies
B&B stall
Everyone welcome

Reflection & Prayers for December

Keeping the Peace
That hassled feeling.  When it comes, how do we get back to that calm centre where peace rules?  Eugene Peterson (who wrote ‘The Message’ bible) offers a good insight.  He says that in worship we put God at the centre of our lives, whereas our normal sinful tendency is to arrange the world around ourselves, each striving to be the centre.  And when the world refuses – how dare things not work out the way I want!  But God is the only true Centre.  And we only get right with ourselves and the world when we arrange our lives around him, as in worship (at least, when we’re focussing on God).  So, if feeling hassled indicates that God is not currently our Centre, what can we do about it? 
We can resolutely remind ourselves that God is Creator and Ruler of all, and that when we put ourselves in his care, accepting his forgiveness through Jesus, we promise to obey his leading in the Spirit – that’s worship.  It puts the Lord back at the Centre: we can look to him for guida…

Christmas Services 2012

Below is the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Preaching Plan.
We are appreciative of those Local Preachers and Supernumerary Ministers who have expressed a willingness to take services this Christmas.    We find ourselves in a difficult place with the reduced number of Presbyters, and their help is invaluable.
Could stewards be in touch with preachers in good time, especially if the service has particular characteristics or expectations (e.g lessons & carols, all-age, etc).
We have almost been able to meet the requests of the churches, and we hope that where this has not been possible, they will take the opportunity offered to be ‘@Elsewhere’. @Elsewhere means that when there isn’t a service at your church, you might consider joining another congregation.In addition to the circuit churches, churches of other denominations may also be pleased to see you! Church Christmas Eve Christmas Day Allerton @Elsewhere 10.00am Greenwood Baildon 11.00am CafĂ© style…