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An Evening with John Wesley

When:Sunday, May 27: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PMWhere:Fewston Church
Details:Gripping tales of 50 years of field preaching, riots, horseback adventure – a highly acclaimed dramatic presentation by Mark Topping of Wesley’s childhood, search for faith, and opposition to slave trade. Booking essential.Tickets £9.00 including drinks and nibbles.

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It's good to be together, in church, with like-minded people, friends or family.  There is warmth, support, understanding and care.

You might like to count how many times the Risen Christ appeared to his followers whilst they were together.

They huddled together behind locked doors for security reasons:  their situation made less frightening among friends.  Fear may well have paralysed them, as it does us.

Into the locked up fear Jesus came with a breath of peace.  'Peache with you' he whispered.  Into the anxiety, confusion, and dread:  peace.

Not a sleepy, easy peace! 'As the Father sent me - so I send you'
Together, that unlikely group of blievers were given a job to do:  just as Jesus was!
Being together at Penetcost, peace became power:  to proclaim and to live the good news.  The beliveres were 'so together' that they shared everything they had.

Sharing everything is more than meeting physical needs; testifying to resurrection life is about sharing li…