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Touchstone - Annual Review & Fund Raising

The Annual Review 2012 is now available for download (pdf).
Fund Raising On 7th March 2012 Touchstone finally completed the purchase of the former McRory’s Bar, 4 Easby Road, Bradford. This will enable the vision of weaving a listening community to become a reality. The project to purchase and refurbish the new premises will cost £950,000. Touchstone has already sourced nearly £450,000 of this but your help is needed in securing the remaining £500,000. Your donations or pledges of £5, £50, £500, £5,000 ... or more! will be gratefully received.
What will McRory’s provide for Touchstone ? In the basement of the building will be a kitchen/hospitality space and creative arts area, where stories can be told and heard. The ground floor will be the administrative hub with office space for staff and other users and a Meet & Greet area. A conference suite will be located on the first floor with screens to make smaller rooms, offering a whole range of new opportunities. The second floor w…

Poverty Over - A touring exhibition

Bradford Cathedral
14 April - 3 May
Viewing times:  Mon - Sat 9.00 am - 4.30 pm
A specially commissed sculpture and photographic exhibition, challenging our responses to those living in extreme poverty and highlighting Christian Aid's work to end injustice around the world.

Preacher & worship leaders breakfast workshop
8.00 am Morning Prayer

8.30 am Breakfast & workshop

To book a place: 0113 2444764

A special evening with Dr Paul Whittaker OBE

Wilsden Methodist and United Reformed Church
As part of our
Year of Celebration
we are hosting a special evening with
Dr Paul Whittaker OBE
Artistic Director of Music and the Deaf - an entertaining and inspirational speaker
So please join us at 7.00 pm on Saturday 28 April 2012
Tickets are £5.00 (including refreshments)
All proceeds go to Music and the Deaf, which helps people across the UK to enjoy music.

Easter Day in Wilsden Primary School

Following the success of our Noah's Ark days, Wilsden Primary asked if we could come in and explain the Easter story for them.  So we did!

The day started with the Paym Sunday story, carefully listened to, as the next task was for the children to draw their own interpretation of the story.  there was a prize of a Fairtrade "Real Easter story Egg" to be won so everyone tried really hard and produced some amazing pictures!

We ahred 'the last supper' with juice and bread after watching a DVD clip of this from 'The Miracle Worker' and game of Disciples Bingo to learn their names.

Everyone had a billiant time with the puppets, singing a John Hardwick favourite and shouting out "J-E-S-U-S! that's who it is JESUS!!!!" football chant style.

After lunch (a tasty chool dinner - honest!) we read the story of the crucifixion.  You could hear a pin drop ...

We all made different crosses, some sparkly, some with doves, some with hearts and stickers and ev…

Time Out

I have been privileged and lucky to work for TIME OUT which was originally called The Elderly Sitting Service until the revenue became involved.

I am now in my 25th year sitting with and helping elderly men.  Over the years I have met some wonderful people and enjoyed every minute of looking after sick gentlemen.  One of my recent clients was blind and also had both legs amputated.  He was a real gentleman who never complained about his disability.  He was a Christian of the highest order and set an example to us all who find ourselves complaining about something and nothing.

Please pray for the people whoa re housebound who are looked after for a few hours a week by TIME OUT.  It is a wonderful service in Bradford.  If you know anyone who may need this kind of help, contact TIME.

Peter S
Harecroft Methodist Church

Easter Services

If you are unfamiliar with the Easter story and its importance to Christians, the Celebrating Easter web site gives lots of useful information.
Palm Sunday 1 April 20126.00 pm A service of music and readings to celebrate Palm Sunday - Wilsden Holy weekTuesday 3 April 10.00 am to 11.00 am Lent Communion - Thackley.Wednesday 4 April  7.30pm Holy Week's Wednesday Worship - St Andrew's, Undercliffe.Maundy Thursday 5 April:
6.00 pm Service & Meal at Allerton;
7.30 pm Service at Baildon;
7.30 pm Communion Service at Little Lane. Good Friday 6 April 201210.00 am - 11.00 am Drop-in for reflection, quiet contemplation and self-served communion as we recall Jesus’ death on the cross. Candles will be available for lighting; there will be Taize music playing in the background and a rolling presentation of prayers and pictures. Drop-in for 5 minutes or the whole hour - Thackley.10.00 am Communion at Thornton;12.00 noon Thornton Walk of Witness10.30 am Service followed by Hot…

Holiday at Home 2-6 July 2012

We would like to extend an invitation to come and enjoy a Holiday at Home this July, and we would particularly welcome people who have not previously holidayes with us to join in the fun.

Of course, if more people attend, it means that we will need more help.  Could you offer any help particularly to transport our holiday makers to and from Allterton, move furniture, or push wheelchairs on our day out?  We also need help to welcome, serve and wash up etc.

You don't have to commit to help all week, we would be grateful for any time you can offer.  This event is always thoroughly enjoyed by both our holiday makers and our helpers!

For more information, to book a place, or to offer help, please contact Linda Atkin.

Team Ministry

Team ministry - How's it going to work then? From September 2012 the Bradford North Circuit presbyters will be working differently.  Instead of each church having its own named minister, the four remaining ministers will be working more closely as a team for all the churches in the circuit.

We need to recognise that we're going into uncharted waters.  We know how to work in the traditional way - 'our minister', 'my church' - it's safe, familiar, comfortable.  But with half the number of ministers, we will not be able to meet the expectations, in ministers and lay people, of that traditional way.  So we have to, at least for a while, do things differently, which is scary for all of us, including the ministers.

So, 'Who will be my ministers?'  From 1 September, the Team will be your minister.  So instead of one person there will be four, Nick, Sarah, Ian and Phil - we will be your ministers.  Nick will continue to be half-time and will act as Circui…